Fun Show

This year at the Feast, Wade Johnson will be hosting a fun show.  He is looking for acts to fill the show.  If you have a talent to share and would like to be in the show, please contact Wade at

Wade is waiting to hear from you!

Imagine YOU

on our stage!

We need singers, musicians, comedians, clowns, dancers, jugglers, actors, Elvis impersonators, rifle twirlers, contortionists, ventriloquists, mimes, any kind of talent. 

So what if you can’t sing or dance or tell a joke!

You could parody a movie, dance like a robot, twirl a hula hoop or two or more, lip sync to your favorite song, recite a poem, perform a soliloquy, do a hand clapping routine, lead a cheer, demonstrate karate, do tricks with a yo-yo, ride a unicycle, the list is endless! 

Start working on your routine and send Wade an email today to let him know you’re in.